SOS Personnel is a national provider of substitute teachers, tutors, and support personnel.  At SOS, we supply our client schools with the personnel they need, when they need them.

The Facts

SOS Personnel.....
An Educational Staffing Solution That You Can Trust to Manage Your Staffing Needs.
SOS is powered by Power School and ESchool Solutions
SOS Personnel connects schools with qualified substitute teachers. We recruit, screen, and support thousands of substitute teachers across the country.  We connect schools with the right substitutes via an easy-to-use, web-based platform.

SOS Personnel was founded in 2009 by an educator and her husband, who are servant leaders through and through.  They have worked diligently in this field ensuring that the right candidtes are placed in classrooms across the United States.  Our staff, nationwide is driven by one common objective:
                 To make it easier for you to find reliable, high-quality substitute teachers, when you need them.

The SOS team not only consists of professionals with years of experience in providing management services to schools, including business managers, and operations managers, but also consists of employees who have numerous years of experience servicing schools.
  • SOS Personnel is the leading provider of substitutes to public, private and charter schools nationwide, providing full-service absence management programs to K-12 schools. 

  • Our solutions are designed to relieve administrative burdens, improve day-to-day operations, and place high quality substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff in your schools.

  • We work closely with our schools to absorb the daily tasks of hiring, credentialing, training, managing, evaluating, placing, and retaining skilled personnel.

  • Unmatched customer service and ample resources allow us to provide your district a partnership that truly cares about your students and your community. A partnership with SOS is a commitment to provide quality education in your schools.