SOS Tutors

Our tutors are selected carefully for academic credentials and for the skills and personalities needed to work with students of all ages. Students value our tutors for their teaching style and supportive mentorship. Parents choose us because of our experienced educators and the effective results they see.

Tutoring is available NATIONWIDE. ​In our effort to accommodate students and their hectic schedules, we offer one-on-one tutoring at at home, online or at a location convenient to you. 
SOS Summer Academy

The SOS Summer Enrichment Program is an eight week long program which offers students the opportunity to reinforce essential skills in reading, writing, comprehension and math in grades K-12.

Specialized small group instruction  focuses on each student’s area of need. Students learn in a hands-on environment that builds confidence, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
SOS Online Reading Rooms

The Online Reading Program for 4-year-olds and kindergartners is the perfect way to make sure your child gets off to a great start in reading. Learners in this program learn to love books and develop the phonics skills needed to read simple words and sentences. There are two parts to the program:
           -an exciting, 10-week, live online class that students attend weekly
           -and an effective 10 week online phonics lesson.
SOS Homework Club

We have come to realize that among other things, some children are simply unable to complete homework outside of the school setting.    It is important to implement Homework Club when a student first begins to get behind – missing 2 or 3 assignments rather than 9 or 10, which is overwhelming.
SOS Homework Club is the solution.  We represent a “no excuses, whatever it takes” attitude all the while – respecting students’ innate desire to succeed, monitoring student performance & mandating extra help when it’s needed.  

 Homework time at home is often frustrating and time consuming, so our goal is to help families reclaim family time, by getting homework and projects done before you get home.