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Our highly qualified staff are trained to:

  • Teach the academic skills, foster the intellectual habits, and cultivate the character traits needed for your students and school  

  • Contribute to the design of a rigorous curriculum that meets the program’s as well as state standards

  • Plan, prepare, and implement lesson plans that utilize a variety of instructional strategies and differentiate teaching based on the diverse and individual needs of all students

  • Implement classroom management techniques to create a nurturing, safe, and structured environment

  • Maintain high expectations for students’ academic achievement and conduct

  • Develop and administer a variety of assessments to measure students’ growth towards content standard goals

  • Analyze informal and formal student assessment results and use information to drive and inform instruction

  • Build positive and trusting relationships with students, families, and community members

  • Communicate and collaborate professionally with teammates

  • Perform other duties as assigned

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