Why Partner?

Rather than making multiple calls off of a fixed list hoping to find an available substitute, one visit to our online ordering site, or one phone call to the same system, provides you access to our elite group of pre-screened background-checked substitute  teachers.

What We Offer

Our sole purpose is getting you the staff you need, when you need them, thus our main focus is recruiting, interviewing, credentialing and providing qualified substitute teachers and other school personnel.   Thanks to our extensive roster of professionals, we can provide fully screened professionals to your school on a moment’s notice.






Better Staffing Through Better Technology

Our integrated phone and web service provides constant access to the system. Teachers can conveniently register absences via phone or web, while subs can accept jobs online, over the phone, or through phone and email notification.

Save Hours Scheduling

You can spend hours a week manually calling substitutes who are unavailable or uninterested in the job. Or you can sit back and let SOS find subs over the web and phone.


Our customers will tell you one of their favorite things hands down about SOS is the customer service. Anytime they need help, SOS Administrators can use email or phone to contact our friendly reps who know the system inside and out. ​​

Cost Saving

We know that manually handling absences in your district or school can be a daunting and costly task. Especially in this tight economy, you need to get optimum value from your resources.  We feel your pain - that's why SOS brings significant savings back to your district or school.

We offer detailed tracking and reporting, and we drastically cut sub placement costs. In addition, SOS saves hours that were previously lost calling subs - hours which your district or school can now allocate to better use. 

How Can We Help?

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